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Very touching because of the reality imparted and something that should leave a meaningful impression on anyone with the slightest amount of feeling for what it is like to have / has had a spouse and even more so if you’re a single parent !

La Uned no es competencia de la C. de Madrid, a ver si nos enteramos! Viva el pensamiento único en la Universidad!!. Y algunos hablan de plumeros…. Dentro de nada veremos la hoz y el martillo presidiendo las aulas. Como en Corea del Norte. Al que discrepe y se salga de la doctrina comunista a machacarle!!!.

These are beautiful – as I expect from you every single time. Fabulous locations, a gorgeous accessories collection too. I bet Amy is delighted that fate stepped in for you both there!

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Haha, I think my first memory that I can really remember is seeing her show sometime when I must have been home sick from middle school or high school and saw her show. She was cooking with wine (which I don't really do) and I thought that was crazy! I love her office stuff line!

I think Taylor Lautner is the hottest man on the planet! I can’t believe that he is only number 5 and Robert Pattinson is number 2. That makes no sense. If I could, Robert wouldn’t even be on herean Taylor would be number 1.

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Vic, another great article, telling the truth.As for Rosie,I don’t know why she is comparing this with her and the NAB? She should give up reading or listening to the MSM.

gratulerer med gårsdagen , og kaken så god ut..og jeg har fler lys enn deg;O) men så lenge det er plass til krem så kan en ikke klage