He’s. jeg er en pige pÃ¥ 17, hvis stofskifte er i udu efter brug af p piller.. Nu tager jeg pÃ¥ af ingen ting.. Jeg vil høre hvad jeg skal spiser til morgen, frokost og aftensmad.. Og mÃ¥ man spise nogle snacks?? Hvad mÃ¥ man ikke spise? Mvh julie

The Cole Porters eventually come to mind… And was The Rockin’ Berries a nod to Chuck Berry?Oh, and The Disposable Heroes’ ‘Television’ is back-pack hip-hop at its finest.

The 192hr map is incredible. These first few storms have been forecasted consistantly. Very good. But the pineapple express event just recently showed up. You're the one who taught us not to get very excited 4-5 days out on one particular model.

The style Has improved! Loved The way u tackled It one After d other! Some other factors could be Environment, family, Society, Personal wellbeing, Location..and a host of others.

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