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Oh okay that is a perfect time for me to watch it O_O… not only that itd an hour long now compared to its 30 mins… last nights ep looks interesting when i took a sneak peek of it! ^_^ Maybe they will make it like ya3 and have the return of the Oni’s but now after the mini people and Daiki can be like Koyama! ^_^ i’m very excited to hear about this! hopefully its like ya3

Ha Jezzebel, zoals ik je tekst lees herken ik er een belaapd type mens in, iemand met wie je dingen deelt al is het geen echte vriend of vriendin, een collega misschien of een buur, iemand om wie je moeilijk heen kunt, of omgaat vanwege historische redenen. Succes met het afscheid.

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... I am glad that idiot from Oregon got cut from the team. Regardless of what he claims his motivation was, he acted like a little girl both when he threw the sucker punch and then afterwards when he had to be restrained! He was actually hysterical! 9:15 PMYou are SO right, Malik..actions have consequenses. Our children need to learn this simple fact, before they act.

Great blog! I am so happy the “scarey thing” is gone! I can’t believe how tall they are getting!Be patient, I am praying for your hips too. Will be interested to hear how the new test went.Much love to you all!

Das hast du nicht falsch interpretiert – als Volunteer Moderator kommt das vor (wobei es nicht so umfassend ist wie einige dies offensichtlich denken).Dann wünsch ich dir noch viel Spaß auf ‘ class=’wp-smiley’ />

How exactly could they have done that watching a show that has only been on for three weeks? You ever hear of HEROES? They are xeroxing themselves, not cable.

I believe the national media today is biased towards almost anything liberial and condesendingtowards conservatives and/or christianity at best.That doesn’t make me happy. Nor an I happy withhow fast the media is quick to jump on anythingnegative about the war or our military and dosen’t seem to want to print anything positive. TV media is much the same. Infurating!

I just want to hug you.Your blog has opened my eyes to so many things, more than I can list here.Thank you for being you.