I imagine you completed a couple of logically fascinating points. Not extremely countless those would especially acquire addicted to consideration this the way you just did. I’m truly impressed that near’s a lot in relation to this subject that has been exposed and you did it so properly, with so to a great extent panache. Top-notch one, thank you.

Having followed The Compact for three years, I’m always happy to read about other people who are following the same path.Plus, I actually met Angela in person, and she’s lovely and generous.Thanks for the interview!Katy

isn’t the craft beer movement about making/drinking *good* beer rather than black-balling a brewery-company that gets too big b/c it’s simply popular/good? if stone, one day, ends up selling 2 mil barrels+, is it no longer craft beer? maybe the craft brew movement should seek eventual extinction – when quality craft beer is simply known as “beer.”

Not an economist, but I take “currency” to mean physical notes and coins.If only 5% of all “money” in existence is currency, then it seems clear that the vast majority of borrowers coming to collect their money cannot possibly involve – or require – any transferral of currency between lender and borrower.

One aspect of good writing is knowing the difference between details that the reader needs and details that the reader can supply. That’s great. Reminded me of something very similar Hemingway said about omission. The writer has to know what to omit. Period.Thanks for that and c o n g r a t u l a t i o n s on the award but more on writing thirty-six stories a year for three decades. I’m sorry about the coins, but you got something better in the long run, at least, to me: a story.

In all this ,I think its a shame southern ohio and kentucky cant share a boulder. however it turns out there are things as a history buff that I wonder???? such as now that its out, is anyone looking at the names on the rock?? there might be some very historical names on it. arthur st clair , john johnson , daniel boone , simon If it goes back in the river , kentucky gets it , ohio gets it.this should be done. jamey

what does it make you? Who bitches about somebody bitching about somebody bitching. I fail to see your point unless the troll is calling himself names, which would be a neat little trick. And try to wrap your feeble mind around the concept that by energy I mean intellectual and mental rather than physical.

Lucas enero 20, 2012 Por mi parte, he tenido una bronca fuerte con ellos por el tema, y voy a pasar de Orange, después de cinco años de contrato y un promedio de 900 euros gastados al año. Os parece una política comercial coherente?

December 11, 2011Thanks, Steve –I have seen many students who seem mentally “constrained” initially, but with examples and exercises, they learn to free their minds a bit, and start thinking out of the box… Is this teaching creativity? I don’t know if I would call it that, but I have definitely seen it develop with practice! It’s great to see that sparkle in their eyes…

The E&W BC has been the ruination of Catholicism in the country and continues on its merry way without let or hindrance – almost/certainly neo-Protestant to a man. They should take lie-detector tests at to the belief in, inter alia, The Real Presence, et al. The results would not give way to many surprises, I am sure!