/ ”ochii de muiere nu se vor umezi..iar despartirea il durea pe el.Din frica de fericire, omora acel rai al dragostei.El pleaca si inseala de teama a prea mult noroc.Si cand ea il facea fariseu sau nemernic sau domnisor, numai el iubea.Ea se inraia.Ce stiu ei, obrazi de Eva!” fain! go on!

, the specific report you’re reference clearning Palin is only half of the story. The first report that came out of Alaska was an investigation conducted by the state legislature – that report concluded that she had abused her office. The second report, released (the one you are referencing), was a separate investigation on the same incident conducted by the state election board – that report concluded that she violated no ethics laws. In actuality, she’s been found guilty and now not guilty by two different investigative agencies.Grace & Peace

I had written about back in December. So it's nice to see confirmation that Title changes are done for relevancy and CTR.I would enjoy hearing more about how you identify and measure these changes.

Mike, I know in the process you have angered pretty much everyone here you have argued with but…gosh darn it if you and your amazing understanding (if extremely aggressive) of things (just…things) are….so glorious(tear falls). While you are speaking(or typing in this case) I am the guy nodding in the corner of the room while mumbling “Well someone had to say it…”

1:07 yeah, way to put a fucking magnum in your hand when your walking down the street at duskI bet it’s really popular in America’s morgueswhat kind of control do these things pass????????????????

dit :Donc, Morisette est raciste et antiaméricain parce qu’il croit que les républicains ont voté ainsi parce qu’eux même sont racistes.Mais les divers intervenants ici qui trouve imbécile ceux qui votent Bloc (pour leurs idées), ne le sont pas.Donc, toi qui à souvent avancé l’idée qu’au Québec nous ne voterions pas pour un premier-ministre anglophone. Tu es antiquébécois et raciste?

You have to love it when someone uses a well reasoned and supported argument to counter a viewpoint on a complex issue.Give me the budget for the Chicago Police Department and a few years of reforms and I’ll do a good job policing the streets of Chicago. Now, what does that have to do with allegations that I enthusiastically encircle trees with my arms? I assume you have pictures to support your accusation.

Oh I love this dear. Just gorgeous as always. Now the teasing part!!! That will be enough dear !!!!!! lolI can't wait till Nov!!!!!!! That is no fair lol So glad you are doing the sentiments dear. I love that hugs dear

He never gave any kind of orders and they all know he is lying.Why aren't they impeaching him the way they did Clinton and Nixon????This is far worse then Watergate ever was.

Hi AnnaTis me again.Can you do me a favour. For some reason internet explorer won't open my website flashgraphicstutorials.comCan you see if you can view it for me. I don't know what the problem is but it's very frustrating. I can log on but can't edit or view any pages because internet explorer won't open anything up.Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!HugsMarie