“The Migrant Workers’ Union claims that more than 500 immigrants have been injured in racially motivated attacks “– they are unionised? So its organized racketeering. And how do we know the ‘attacks are racially motivated?’

Ian from United Kingdom, July 8, 2012 at 9:06 PM Great place and great location. Stayed in the annex so didn’t see the rooms in main hotel. Our room was modern, spacious, clean and the air- con worked well. Really good breakfast with plenty of choice. Staff were friendly and helpful too. We definitely recommend the hotel.

August 4, 2012 Jess, that’s brilliant. I left all of my makeup in London last November, and didn’t get it back until this week. I bought interim drug store cosmetics, but nothing compared to the great stuff I left behind.

Kate: I haven't, but I definitely will next time. :-)) 4evaRisa: I got them from one local store here in Germany. I guess you might have to look out for them in the specialty stores or online. Thank you, guys! I am really that this on made it to top 9!Angie

Symphony - I think that Alan Keyes learned that it ain't just about being Black. You have to bring something to the table. I'm going to do some looking into Marion Thorpe...

Dess vez vou de Barrichello... salvo algum problema ele vem forte pra pole... Button deve vir cnservador e ainda acho Brawn mas carro q a Red Bull...Então Barrica!abs!

Uff, aquí huele a BlueEyes, riesgoyfortuna,( o como coño quiera llamarse ahora), que echa de espaldas. Lo irónico es que el que no aguanta críticas (jocosas o no) es él… Ay, si contara…

We constantly face this issues and I keep returning to a rather simple answer to the problem - In addition to the Opposition fee, OHIM should take and hold the maximum award of costs payable by the Opponent as security for costs. If the applicant elects to defend the Opposition then they must provide Ohim with security for costs prior to the end of the Cooling Off period. Failure to do so by either party should result in a successful outcome for the other party.

The Naked and Famous performance at the London iTunes Festival this year was awesome. You can still get the free app and watch the archived gig. I, too, have had Passive Me, Aggressive You in constant rotation.

Me pergunto até quando Delcídio do Amaral e Antonio Carlos Biscaia vão continuar fazendo cara de paisagem. Principalmente o último. Incrível que um homem com um passado ligado à Lei, continue convivendo com bandidos. Delcídio e Biscaia pelo menos que eu saiba tem um passado respeitável. Dá pra viver com esta gentalha petralha?