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above, I’m not going further with freight. If it happens, I’ll put it on the site. If it doesn’t happen, I’m not going to make a case for it – I’ve tried, and it’s not a worthwhile use of my time.I am not interested in “perhaps” solutions, nor appraising commercial arguments.

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PLF,Só aguentei alguns poucos minutos.... este para mim é o pior dos três, pelo menos o que mais me irrita.Ontem também só consegui ver alguns minutos do Paulo Andrade. Só serviu para aumentar a minha convicção que são escolhidos a dedo!

Dr osmar o Flamengo ta quase certo com ibson e agora ja tem uma converça adiantada por renato algusto o bay tem um enterese em 1 jogador do epoca renato foi vendido pelo flamengo por 10 milões de euros e ficou com 10% do seu passe ainda,,O FLAMENGO COM UM MEIA COMO IBSON E UM ZAGUEIRO COMO RENATO FICA FORTE PRO BRASILEIRÃO?

Vera Bradley has so many different items and it seems like so many more keep coming out! Will they ever develop a Vera Bradley bedding collection – ex. comforter, sheets, pillows, etc. I would LOVE that!

Sounds like an awesome project, but I’m definitely not in a position to invest – not even $100. I’ll be sure to tweet this, though. I bet many people assume they need more than $100 to start investing, so I agree there’s a need for this.

To finish the turf war the system must be revamped , medical education must begin along with the PA/NP model and all graduates should really be required to perform 2 ages of Main Treatment and be designated physicians . On the end of that period if even further teaching is desired a residency / fellowship etc. could be obtained leading to the designation of Physician and Surgeon . This approach solves both the essential care shortage and ends these ongoing battles over “competency ” , all of which are bogus .

When I m in Penang I hope to indulge in, amongst all the other good Malaysian food, my favourite hawker food combination – Fried Kuay Teow which is stir-fried rice noodles, and kopi-o-ping, iced black Malaysian coffee. fkt-kopi-o-ping … …Read More

yo soy una experta vicitma (por desgracia) de cuelgues del iPhone quedandose la pantalla en blanco, o en su defecto, bloqueada en favoritos y si me hacen llamada en la pantalla de este (la pantalla sin responder) y ya me puedo estar 2 minutos con home + sleep k la cosa no tira, unica solución por mi… conectar al ordenador restaurar y jailbrakear… demasiada faena creo yo. con los inconvenientes que tiene perder todos esos datos, y quedarse sin nada hasta tener el propio ordenador a mano (en mi caso, aveces dias)