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Wow 8 lame reasons the iphone 5 is better than the note 2. None of the reasons were features accept for the camera everything else was subjective. Build quality really? iphone 5′s are scratch magnets. pocketability really? if it fits in a pocket it’s pocketable. If you’re going from an iphone 4s to iphone 5 it’s almost the same phone except for an extra row of icons. You’ll be bored with it the same day you get it. Why waste your upgrade on something you already have. So you can make Appe more money?

I am all about anything that has to do with Chocolate, more chocolate and Ireland. So, you had me with the first picture. I am so stealing this idea! But to be honest...I will call them Sharla's Little Irish Gems.

above, Chavez does not “exercise” absolute power. But the second part, that he “has absolute, unrestricted control” is where it gets difficult to argue. Where are the checks and balances? Obviously, there must be something of that behind his recent retractions – even if they are of the nature of five steps backward, then reversing and taking just one forward.But then, who ever in this world had truly absolute power? There are real checks and balances that don’t exist on paper – just ask Julius Caesar.

If they turn out in force, Sally, maybe we can start clawing our way back to sanity. The white men are just as stupid as they ever were, and they tend to vote in larger numbers than others do.

Io dico che Spadetta ha torto.E cosa doveva dimostrare Insigne a 21 anni quando fin’ora ha giocato in C…promosso; in B….promossoin Nazionale under 21…promosso, debutto in Nazionale maggiore…promosso e sempre cambiando il ritmo e l’andamento delle partite disputate…Poi se restano delusi perchè vogliono vedere…. Maradona…c’è da dire che prima dei Mondiali dell’86 non aveva vinto nulla neanche Lui…E poi dice che i ragazzi vanno incoraggiati…

Yes I am concerned that I may be out of a job too, not least because my boss has unilaterally cancelled the use of the following terms in writing project proposals: ‘budget’, ‘methodology’, ‘timeline’ and ‘outputs’

I am curious to find out what blog platform you’re using? I’m experiencing some small security issues with my latest site and I would like to find something more safeguarded. Do you have any suggestions?

Does this mean the Bhutani’s Children born in Nepal will now be Nepali and hence they are not alligible for going back to Their Homeland , is this the backdoor solution for bhutani refugee solution by INDIA . it seems so for me…

Severidade do direito marítimo? Então onde está a liberdade dos mares?Eu preocupo-me bem mais com a Marinha russa do que com os piratas. Dizem que andam a fazer illegal dumping de tudo quanto é lixo tóxico em mar alheio.Será?