iya mba ,aku jg bingung padahal kuenya udah mengembang bagus.dan herannya pertama kali bikin chiffon malah bagus tapi untuk yg ke dua dan seterusnya malah berantakan.ya itu mba bagian bawah cake basah setelah kertas rotinya aku lepas.

8:38 am, September 23, 2012|VERY good movie! Lena Headey is AWESOMENESS personified!! i love that she was a pure/true villain without being over the top or bombastic (like say…Charlize Theron was in SNOW WHITE. i love Charlize but her over-acting/yelling was bad). Ma-Ma is fucking scary in the best way! Olivia was very good too! i just wish the trailers/tv spots hadn’t shown how Ma-Ma meets her fate. i was pissed and a bit shocked they actually ruined the ending in the trialers.

Dank voor de uitleg in het blog over luchtige en andere zaken. Zelf vroeg ik me ook af hoe het met verkoudheid of griep in de ruimte zou gaan. Gelukkig hebben jullie daar geen last van.

> Same for people who got short term jobs from stimulus dollars.You can't prove that!!!!Mainly because you can't prove that anyone actually got ANY job from stimulus dollars...

, Dirty Dancing, Pretty Women, American President...I have to add to the list, Flash Dance!2. I am a follower via email3. I am a Facebook follower tooThanks for the wonderful giveaway.Jill atSeasidebooknook at yahoo dot com

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pakottamisesta puheenollen tämä ajatus äänestämispakosta mitä nyt on heitetty, sakkojen tmv uhalla... mä varmaan kävisin äänestämässä.. Aku Ankkaa, vaikka tähän asti olen varmaan jättänyt kerran äänestämättä. Mutta periaatteesta mä en tee mitään pakolla.

OK, I agree the 4:3 formats look whacky with the wide view but not used.Anybody know if those old videos will be fitted or should we just start to delete and re-upload all the old videos now???????Optional sure would be nice. Cause those smaller videos in bigger windows are actually hard to look at.

Cho em hỏi: vì sao có chữ “vì sao” mà không có chữ” vì trăng? Vì sao anh là Anh Gió mà không phải là Anh Bão?

Have you given any kind of consideration at all with translating your main webpage in to German? I know a several of translaters right here which might help you do it for no cost if you want to make contact with me personally.