Here’s the phoney moralist white writers at Infowars, doing their best promoting a high birthrate among blacks.Sounds like a winning recipe!What would Darwin think?

You should be able to get a bag in the ‘ethnic’ bit of most supermarkets or in Asian grocer. Otherwise, let me know when you are coming into Maggies & I’ll leave some for you.

I ordered 50 Vanilla cupcakes from Signature cupcakes and they were delicious. They called me after the the party and asked me if I was happy with cupcakes and if I had any feedback. Now this is service…

Cette rubrique et ces commentaires tombent très bien puisque justement j’ai envoyé mon manuscrit de poèmes à Gallimard… Oui, j’ai osé !Maintenant j’attends leur réponse…

Hi – I only just discovered your podcast last night and have really enjoyed it! For someone exploring the spirtual road – and finding my current bible study efforts not really hitting home – I was very pleased to find someone I could listen and relate to! You’ve given some things to think about and I look forward to your next podcast.thanks – A US fan listening from the UK

The Israel-Firsters would have been out in full-force protesting the The White Rose society in 1930′s Germany. The members of that group paid for their honesty with their lives. The T-F bots pay not a jot for their lies. In fact they benefit, in U.S. aid to Israel, America’s veto in the UN, etc. Tragic. And angering.

"That's not our problem" but you can't create a resource that you call an authority, to which other authorities rely on, and continue to update it but say it has no value. If it didn't have value, it wouldn't be updated as frequently as it has been.It's beginning to look like the DMOZ catastrophe. You create these messes and don't take any ownership over what happened.

Houston rappers aren’t bad, well only some. Gotta respect DJ Screw, Fat Pat, etc. But I prefer East and West coast hip hop.

>I'd like to see Steve ever show the balls in standing up to the Tribe and their interests that a philo-Semitic Trotskyite did at one point in his life.<Maybe he isn't as obsessed with the Tribe as you are. By the way, what is this "G-d" you keep referring to?

Sweet blog! I found it while browsing on Yahoo News. Do you have any suggestions on how to get listed in Yahoo News? I’ve been trying for a while but I never seem to get there! Thank you