[..YouTube..] Love that group idea. Your intro was popppping lol. You did gain weight put you will def loss it. Im rooting for you cant wait to see your loss next week !

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Öröm volt olvasni a mai postot, akármilyen is, de “kerek” a világotok és ennél fontosabbat hirtelenjében nem is tudnék mondani. A kerekségbe sok minden belefér, a hülye szomszéd, a borús ég – de ha bent /valódi és átvitt értelemben/ meleg van, akkor ott rendben minden.

Hi Dante. I agree about the scale, but at the same time I register that Google, Microsoft and Facebook now are cutting direct deals with the operators. At the same time Operators start to work together on de facto implementations. I believe that Billing needs to evolve so that customer service cn answer and help customers that got to many “berries”, as well as introduce caps on spending for certain subscriptions. That will require assets not available to the billings aggregators.

Do you not understand that Chael is a much bigger and better wrestler than GSP, and that’s where his only advantage on Anderson is. If Chael couldn’t beat an injured Anderson, what would GSP have for him? Anderson’s stand-up is vastly superior to GSP’s, and GSP doesn’t take chances anymore so he’ll constantly try to take it to the ground. Anderson won’t get taken down at will like he did against Chael, and he’ll end up getting MAULED on the feet en route of a 2nd round TKO.

The only salvation Bush might have to his place in history is if anoth preident is elected that is even worse than he his. St. John the McSame would probably fit that billshirt

Hey... I came across your blog because I wrote a book on the Lord's Prayer and get alerts whenever someone blogs anything about it. That Aramaic translation fascinates me... and the food looks incredible! Just wanted to say that I enjoyed your post :)

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