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“I love you!”, and kisses my belly before he goes to bed. (PS- Feel free to share some of your awesome boy names with me, since you are not going to use them. We have a front-runner, but we have not made a final decision )

DEFENSORES DE DIREITOS HUMANOS:Onde estão os discursos inflamados chamando o tarado de torturador? Não é tortura submeter a sevícias um ser humano em situação de absoluta impotência?Com a palavra Greenhalg, Vanucci e outras tantas imundícies que infestam o Brasil.Fala aí, "Besourão".

Tiens d’ailleurs cette dernière statistique, si on la retourne, serait plutôt à mettre au crédit de la CD:Sur les 10 dernières équipes vainqueurs de la CD, 8 comptaient au moins un vainqueur en GC dans leurs rangs.

well Vix if anyone can handle bad weather it is you!! and I am sure you have something fabulous to weather it out in ~Have a Blast this weekend Love Heather

hai,ca esti tare Gàgà…unde-i ai invatat tu limbajul asta diplomatic???….las’ nu te mai stresa asa tare ,o sa vedeti voi ce vrea Gordon,iar Crizelu’vostru are un MARE GOL in tzeasta !!!

We wanted to keep the interaction with the widget as simple as possible, so we kept out the vote down. It also saves on real estate.There is a hack-ish way to make the widget narrower in size, but I guessing in your case Sue you really need to adjust the height. We’re working a new widget that should make this much easier.-CalvinCalvin Yus last blog post..

Hi, Sandy! Thanks for visiting my blog. I haven’t transported these by car. I’ve usually made them at home to serve to my guests. Is it a possibility to assemble them once you get to your party? You can put the buttercream in a piping bag with a tip covered in plastic. If you wash, hull, and trim the bottom of the strawberries, you can quickly put them on top of the brownies and quickly add the buttercream “fur” around the strawberry “hat.” The buttercream is pretty stiff and if you’re strawberries are not too big, maybe they’ll stay on. Good luck! daisy

I don't think there were thousands of people at Raj Sherman's nomination either. It must mean he's not going to do very good (and he's a Federal Liberal AND Provincial Conservative!).

Bom dia!fui ao ginecologista para que ele me receitasse a pilula.. ele disse que devia iniciar a toma da pilula assim que tivesse a menstruação. O problema é que tive um corrimento castanho (e até no tampão veio pouco sangue) .. decidi tomar a pilula.. será que fiz bem? se não, o que tenho de fazer?

Chris, I know U-verse is copper and added a note to the story to that effect to help alleviate confusion. I was trying to get around AT&T is trying to eliminate its TDM network, PSTN support and standalone DSL, but I did it poorly.