Update: I haven’t word back yet, but anticipate tickling this issue during some face-time with the group tomorrow. (I’ve no news yet, just letting you know it hasn’t slipped off my plate, thanks.)jd

Est-il vrai que ce blog se situe désormais à la 147 ème place en terme de fréquentation ?Rédigé par : versubtil | le 07 novembre 2010 à 22:00« Louée soit la puissance du référencement ! »

Visst är det synd att han inte är i landet han härstammar från. Kunde lära ut all kultur och demokrati han lärt sig i Sverige.

..faut voir aussi les jeux vidéos comme loisirs mais aussi le fait que l’on a pas de blonde, pour passer le temps sans que ça soit une passions effrénée.. Quand la blonde arrive dans notre vie, le temps de jeu vidéo va baisser drastiquement pour ma part puisqu’elle devient une priorité supplantant les autres de moindres importances.

Can’t really think of anything that stands out but I was/am thankful to have my family all home in the evenings! My DH just started working 1st shift after 21 years of 2nd shift. I am still LOVING the evenings with DH home 2 months later!!!!!

Almost looks like it could be used as a fold up saw bench, knee between two legs with the third across from your knee. With your body weight pushing the board against the leather might hold in place decent. Probably work in a pinch especially if you had a pair with you, could even fit in the bottom of the Dutch.

a reduction in price will increase demand for every consumer?+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Yes. And they taught me that it was a theory, or a model of how the economy works, they did not teach that it is an immutable law.What has that got to do with additional production creating demand?

Thanks Inate Experiencer – my assertion is that as your understanding deepens, you don’t need to “do” anything to direct or in-form your thinking, perception & emotion – it’s an organic, automatic unfolding. Hope this makes sense. Thanks again! Big love J

Sandro però tu non rispondi in questo modo...ti sei soffermata sulla crisi dell' Argentina come se avessi la verità ufficile, ma io invece vorrei sapere come eviteresti una grande inflazione nell' ipotesi di stampare moneta senza il meccanismo delle banche. E come la distribuiresti?

Why not call a couple of top pistolsmiths (Clarks in Louisiana, Ted Yost in AZ, etc.) and ask them for recommendations? They work with top-end components all the time, and they'd probably be able to give you good ideas.FWIW, Clark went with the Caspian Damascus steel slide for their limited-edition 50th anniversary 1911's. (They hand-fitted the slides to the frames, of course.) I've seen and handled one. Very nice.