Kuhchung,It is a well established fact that us finance types over-estimate the importance of precision to the 18th significant digit when the reality is that could fit jupiter into the "wiggle room" in our estimates.

Readly accepted, despite Shakespeare’s dictum: “O God! I could be bounded in a nutshell and count myself a king of infinite space were it not that I have bad dreams”. That ‘wideawakeness’ is equivalent to ‘deep sleep’ is a paradox in life, or rather a proof of the resoursefulness of language – it is merely an aparent contradiction.

Its very clear that China has embarked on a serious build-up of their Naval forces. They have nothing close to the capabilities of the US, but they have a clear agenda to improve their attack capabilities.

How can I strengthen my abdominal muscles while I’m pregnant?I think I’m pregnant, If I am, I’m only a few week, dr. will confirm tomorrow. Anyway… and I’m kinda overweight.. I have a gut, kinda. I think I have a very mushy belly. Is there anyway I can tone it or strengthen it during pregnancy? I don’t exercise much anymore and I want to, but I don’t know what I can do now. In all honesty, my tummy stick out enought for me to look pregnant, like a few months, but it’s just jiggly stuff.. how can i make this less noticable???

PriscilaSim eu entrei no site da womenonweb e me responderam que teria que ter 07 semanas, e nao oito.pois o medicamento demora ate 02 semanas para chegar.vou tentar com os 02 comprimidos pois é o que eu tenho acesso para o nao der certo, vou usar da forma que passam aqui no site.obrigada!!

Sindsyg lækker blog du har !Og jeg ville da elske for hÃ¥rdt, hvis jeg vandt serien, det er min yndligs serie, men er desværre i pengenød, sÃ¥ har ingen… Men fuck en vild lækker give-away!

Neste dia importanteda nossa longa história,o descalabro é gritantecom uma dívida predatória.A independência nacionalhipotecada em milhões,num desvairo irracionalque esmiúça os mexilhões.Tantos milhões a arderem fogueiras de vaidades,não há forma de prenderos heróis das fogosidades.A corrosão ética encanadanas ferrugens democráticasdeixa a gentalha empanadade sordidezes plutocráticas.

I like you, I really really like you, I love wool things, sweaters, scarfs, everything, they are so expensive I can’t afford them!I would love to win this!Thanks

I'm a deer in the headlights, wanting to escape, but not sure how to go about it. I abhor hugs, unless they're from my kids. If cornered by a hugger, I prefer a light squeeze.I hate who rubs. Even if it's not in a hugging context. I want to knock them down and run away. The between-the-shoulders rub incites me to violence.

le système actuelle fonctionnant sur la pauvreté, le tiers monde, le pillage des ressources écologiques, l’individualisme, 80% des richesses chez 10% les plus riches… c’est effectivement vachement plus réaliste…